About Brandedits

—Branding and e-commerce studio for visionary brands with global ambitions

We define the DNA of your brand — We define the DNA of your brand
  • About us

  • We develop brands and design e-commerce
    experiences for our visionary and change-oriented customers.

  • We are an independent branding and e-commerce design studio. Along with great design and state-of-the-art web development, we help brands, organizations and individuals with strategy and business development.

    We believe in the power of change. We ensure that your brand's communication is more than just a logo with uniqe designs. We shape visionary brands that are open to change on a global scale.

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  • Why Brandedits

  • Why do our clients choose to work with us?

  • The perfect combination of strategy, execution, creativity and technology

    E-commerce & DTC specialists

    Project Management that delivers on time and budget

    Fashion, lifestyle, beauty, sports & interior design focus

    Focus on quality, not quantity of customers

    Entrepreneurial, fast, agile & adaptive

    No outsourcing

    E-commerce design specialists for UX & UI

    World-class branding & design

    Combining highly strategic competence with world-class execution

  • Who should partner with us

  • Brandedits is an independent design studio working globally with ambitious brands seeking long-term partnerships. We specialize in visual identity development, designing digital experiences and e-commerce design. We believe in user-friendly products, well-designed experiences, and businesses that value them.

  • E-commerce & retailers

    Ambitious brands that want to renew their visual identity (no matter industry)

    Brands seeking advice and strategy for e-commerce

    For clients looking for advice on UX/UI, branding and marketing strategies

    Brands looking to partner with Shopify as the e-commerce platform

    Brands that want to partner with other infrastructures as an e-commerce platform

    Companies wanting help with design services online and offline

    Art platforms, organizations, institutions, global companies and bold brands

    Start-ups that want to work on a project basis

  • Born in Istanbul — Global presence

  • Brandedits is a multidisciplinary, independent design studio established in Istanbul.
    From local projects to global customers, there are no geographical restrictions.
    Our heritage comes from Istanbul, but we are international in design.

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